Hedgehog School of English opened its doors in September 2014. Our aim was to create an English school that was different, where everyone would want to come and learn.


First, with the method. Speak Your Mind® is an innovative method that is based on oral language, but it also addresses grammar, reading and writing. The different levels are clearly divided, and classes are fun, enjoyable, and dynamic. Hedgehog is the only English school in Asturias that uses Speak Your Mind® to teach.

Second, with the academy’s design. The idea was to break away from the traditional image of classes in schools and academies, and to create a different, inviting, and attractive environment. We think we have achieved this.

And third, by being true to our English without Limits slogan and arranging activities in English: film viewings in our cinema, theater, a conversation club, writing workshops, outings, etc.


  • We like what we do.
  • We constantly create new ideas.
  • We travel in search of the latest advances in English education.
  • We are committed to training our teachers.