Aside from courses in small groups, Hedgehog also offers classes for one or two people (One-to-One and One-to-Two). These private lessons also follow the Speak Your Mind® method, and they are designed to allow students to make the most of each class and improve from one week to the next.

Private lessons offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and class frequency. They are the perfect solution for people with a tight schedule who need the support of a structured English program.

Private lessons are arranged in packs of 10, 25, and 50 lessons. At least two classes per week are required for good results

As in the case of group lessons, the Placement Test is the first step for private lessons. This test is free and it provides a comprehensive assessment of your English oral expression skills, grammar, and fluency. The test lasts about 40 minutes and it is scheduled by appointment.

Request an appointment for the Placement Test


We arrange personalized lessons upon request (for example, to prepare a job interview or a business presentation).

One to One
28€1 class
One to One
625€25-class pack
One to One
1200€50-class pack
One to Two
17€1 class
One to Two
375€25-class pack
One to Two
700€50-class pack