Speak Your Mind®is a teaching method that is based on oral communication between the instructor and students through brief dialogs, questions, and the repetition of expressive formulas, all in a very dynamic manner. Students are the center of the class, while grammar and vocabulary are progressively added to conversations.

Thousands of students throughout the world learn English using this methodology, which has been tested, proven, and applied for more than 21 years with tremendous success.

Hedgehog is the only English school in Asturias that uses Speak Your Mind® to teach.


  • Conversational focus

The Speak Your Mind® method emphasizes oral language, so the majority of class time is spent speaking English. These mini-conversations provide continued opportunities to learn and practice new words and grammar structures.


  • Comprehensive English

The method is designed to promote effective communication in English for situations that arise in everyday life. Time is set aside in each class for a variety of reading and writing activities that help prepare students in using English at work or in their education.


  • Practice

In order to assimilate vocabulary and grammar, they must be used as much as possible. Studies on the matter have shown that a minimum of nearly nine repetitions are needed in order to retain and use what is learned. With Speak Your Mind®, the vocabulary and grammar from previous classes are reviewed. This ensures learning and improves fluency.


  • 17 different levels

The Speak Your Mind® program is structured into 17 units, which means that skill levels are precisely defined. Students can be certain that they will study English at the level and speed that best adapts to their abilities.


  • Flexibility

The precisely divided levels allow you to choose when you want to begin studying and for how long.


  • Native teachers of various nationalities

A group of teachers is assigned to every course so they may rotate with each other and alternate the classes that are taught, resulting in a wide variety of accents in the classroom.