Professionals are interested in taking courses that will allow them to expand their career in other countries, learn a suitable level of English before accepting a job abroad or gain sufficient fluency for business travel. Healthcare, tourism, corporate law, business, etc. We have experience in designing specialized English courses for all types of levels. Homogeneous groups focus on the vocabulary as well as the conversation and negotiation techniques for their field, with assistance from experts in each area.

Hedgehog also offers businesses a comprehensive service that includes everything from defining the appropriate levels for certain positions to designing the structure for personalized courses.

Below are the options we provide to businesses and their employees:

  • Group lessons, taught at the client’s location.
  • Group lessons for businesses, taught at our school.
  • Employees may join an existing group at our school, in accordance with their level of English, and they may choose from various schedules.
  • Private lessons at the client’s location or our school.
  • Specialized courses with specific modules, in accordance with the guidelines set by the client.
  • Intensive courses for groups or private lessons.